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Managed Security Service

Whether you are part of a large or small organisation, you are vulnerable to a plethora of IT Security threats. These days the threats are incredibly sophisticated and are ultimately designed to steal your money. The people behind these threats are part of sophisticated global criminal organisations who prey on the weak and vulnerable.


As a company who have been active within the IT Security field for 14 years we have seen the threats escalate from relatively simple viral attacks which were mainly designed to cause inconvenience to the landscape of threats we see today. In this time we’ve also seen a great deal in terms of the technologies that are in use within businesses to attempt to counter these threats. In general we find that firms are significantly under protected.


The investment required to implement suitable controls & systems is generally significant & often more than the firms are prepared to invest.


ICT UK have developed an innovative approach to providing network security for SME’s which will utilise high powered centralised network security systems which we will configure to provide your business with enterprise level security at an affordable monthly fee. Using this model we are able to:-


  • Provide enterprise grade security to your business

  • Provide regular network security reports on vulnerabilities that have been detected attempting to enter & exit your network

  • Ongoing consultancy and management of the security rules that are in place for your network

  • Provide visibility of the network usage of your staff

  • Perform spam blocking at the gateway to your network

  • Perform virus blocking at the gateway to your network

  • Ability to control the internet based applications that your users are able to use

  • Control the kinds of websites that your staff are able to visit

  • Prevent access to websites which have a bad reputation (think websites which have been known to contain malware or viruses!)

  • Block advanced malware & polymorphic threats which may not have had a virus definition written for yet

We have packages to suit a businesses large & small.

Contact us today at info@ictuk.net or call 01772 664210 to find out how the system works & to arrange for a free consultation which would provide an insight into what you already have whether your business is vulnerable.

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