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Established in 2001, ICTUK have provided high quality IT support services to businesses and other organisations for over 15 years. Originally serving local businesses in the northwest, we now provide services to clients throughout the UK.

We have a mixture of clients ranging from single site operations to national and international clients. Depending on the type of client and their requirement will depend on exactly how we will work with them, the services we provide for a small business with no in house IT staff differ massively to what we do for a multi-national with an IT team.

As an IT solutions provider we constantly assess and evaluate new technologies and adopt those that we believe can provide tangible benefits to our new and potential clients. Notably the new technologies which have had significant impact on what we can provide are:-
• Voice / Telecommunications solutions
• Cloud based solutions

We believe that there are a few simple steps to providing exceptional service and staying focused on what matters to our customers:-

· Employing the best staff
· Keeping in regular contact with our customers
· Never making promises we can’t keep
· Only using the best quality equipment

We have always looked to partner with the “best” manufacturers around and we believe that the quality of our partnerships speaks for itself:-


We know that the quality speaks for itself but what is often misconstrued is cost. When you mention to a small business that you are going to quote for IBM or Cisco they often believe that the solution is going to be costly. In some cases the initial purchase price is slightly more but in the long run, the running costs and length of time the solution will be in place means that the Total Cost Of Ownership is far better than that of cheaper lower grade solutions.

But what do we actually do? – please take a look at our Solutions page for more info, call us on 0845 094 8895 or email info@ictuk.net

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